The Psychology of Writing Simple Copy Online

The Psychology

People are generally lazy and/or lead very complicated lives that make them relish the opportunity to pick up something much simpler. Either way, people deeply appreciate the simplicity of offers that don’t take too much effort to understand or overwhelm them with choices they don’t have time to make. They would rather have someone else do the hard work for them and then they come in and just be able to sign on the dotted line.

If you think about our modern day culture, this appreciation of simplicity grows more and more as our lives become overburdened with people trying to steal our time and attention every where we go. We’d rather not have to pay too close attention to anyone or anything that doesn’t make our lives easier, because honestly, they are already seem to be careening out of control!

In particular, the demographic that most appreciates simplicity are parents of small children who are working full-time and/or care giving for others. Even though they may really need a product that simplifies their lives, they may not have time to investigate it. Or, if they are out shopping for themselves, they may give themselves less time and attention than they do to their growing families. In situations like that, you only have a few minutes to capture there attention and sell them on a product.

You see many more of these people who live harried and time-crunched lives appearing on the Internet than ever before. They don’t have the time to go retail shopping and find that Internet shopping saves them time and money. But, just because that’s true doesn’t mean that they’re willing to wade through your complicated offer just to buy your product. On the contrary! They want things to be so simple that you’ve made up their mind for them, even before they’ve showed up at your site. They want your offers to show that you’ve done the research and legwork that is necessary to identify quality products and that you are willing to sell it to them in an easy and fast way online!

If you can deliver that type of offer to them, they are highly motivated to make the purchase right than and there so they can get onto other things that need their attention.